Wednesday, May 19, 2004  
The last batch of grades

I got my last batch of grades on Friday. For those keeping score at home it was an 82 in Globalization and law, 83 in Economics and Law and 84 in International law and Ethics. A nice upswing late in the game to bring me home. That leaves my overall average at 77 (okay, rounded up from a 76 and lots of change but that still counts) which is a strong above average grade.

For most, once you have that articling job your grades will not be really scrutinized again. But for those who switch jobs within two or three years after graduating I have heard that they are looked at. Nice to know I won't have anymore shame to bear on mine.

Oh, and did you see that Flames game...couldn't happen but notice some bandwagon jumpers on the poll. Hop aboard all, lots of room here! I even had to crack out my original 1989 Stanley Cup Championship hat for luck!

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Posted by Setu @ 11:49 p.m.