Monday, June 23, 2003  
No Soup For You!
Or at least that's what it feels like having not made a match in articling week. Neither did 60 other students, and only a hundred did get matches so that is a very high percentage and a lot of students who didn't get articles, confirming what I have been told by a bunch of the recruiting lawyers that it was very competitive out there. Needless to say, this really sucks. I will now be going through the same gruelling process, although without the matching which I didn't think made a lick of difference. We are being told the job market in Vancouver is just as tight so it isn't gonna get any easier. Woo hoo. Stay tuned for more uplifting and exciting updates.

Oh, and I have started to get my class choices for registration together. I'm hoping to take Evidence, Commercial Transactions, Economic Analysis of law, Immigration law, Tax policy, Competition Policy, Civil Litigation and Securities Regulation. Should be interesting.

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