Friday, April 25, 2003  
Abebedadebadeep, That's All Folks!
At least, if Porky Pig could talk, I think that's what it would look like. No, I'm not going to stop posting, I find it far to therapeutic. I am just done with this year. 20 days until my grades come back. Reflections on the year...It was a long one. Getting all hyped for job stuff in September and then dealing with that for the next 5 months really made the year seem longer, and then even longer after that when I didn't get a job. Quite a shock to the ego, and the motivation. You would think that it would get me motivated to do even better, but it really didn't. Instead it just made me more bitter and less able to feel that I actually had substantial control over my legal destiny. My grades will likely be average to sub-par given I did average to sub-par amounts of preparation, but that doesn't mean that I won't be thinking hopeful at 7 am on the 15th.

I was glad for the classes I took, mostly. In retrospect, the 5 and a half classes in the second semester wasn't a wise plan. I also probably wouldn't have taken corporate transactions until I had taken some securities regulation because the concepts probably would have been more familiar to me, but at least that is 3 credits that I won't have to do next year. Hopefully I will be able to make some wiser choices next year, but then again I have never been a very quick learner.

That brings us back to, well, more job stuff. Calgary firms want applications for articling positions by the first two weeks of May, some as early as May 1st. That means that I have to get right down to the cover letter writing again. Then we wait, again. Those of you may think that I am exaggerating this whole job thing, but it is really like this. Maybe if you are applying for Vancouver or Toronto it doesn't seem this way because of the different time lines, but the Calgary folks must know what I am talking about. I will keep posting here through the summer as things go. Hope everyone else's exams et. al. has gone well and they are ready to have a good summer.


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Sunday, April 13, 2003  
Now that my Brain has returned to Normal

A word to the wise, three exams, three days gives you a major head ache. In any case, the exams went ok. Not great, I can already think back onto somethings that I didn't nail just right, but hopefully I did good enough. Some other news though, I have a job interview on Monday. My fingers are firmly crossed already. Two more exams to go, hopefully I'll have more ability to focus on one subject for preparation if I'm not worrying about the exam I have to write the day after. Hope everything is going well out there for everyone.

On a totally unrelated note, this picture of Jean Charest wife looking at him after he used her to block a pie, is pricless.

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Thursday, April 03, 2003  
It's Gettin' Hot in Herrree (or was that last summer?)

I only say that because I needed a not so clever title, and this morining in my last Charter class it was smokin hot. That room has been smokin hot all semester come to think of it. And I still wore a sweater every day because it was miserable in the morning. 3 months and I never learned that, but supposedly I will be able to understand the intracacies of what constitutes a deprivation of life, liberty or security of the person, in accordance with fundamental justice. Things aren't looking good for our hero folks.

Today marks the last day of class before exams. Although there are classes tomorrow, my two professors who normally teach on Friday have been kind enough to wrap it up early and give us one more day off to contemplate studying for exams. This semester has seemed a little trying, if only because my course load is up from last semester. Or maybe it was not getting a job in January that really brought me down. I have two resume's out for actual law jobs in Calgary by the way, one to a medium firm in Calgary called McLeod & Company and one to TransCanada for work in their legal department. If neither of these comes through, then I have been officially accepted for a five week french immersion program in Victoria through the SLBP. My back up plan if no better work comes through is to stay on at Safeway, do articling interviews in June, go to Victoria for five weeks and master la belle langue, then off to my friends wedding in the Okanagan and then rest are relaxation until school starts again in September, hopefully with a secure articling position.

Which of course brings us to the new poll that I have put on the site. What are y'all up to for the summer?. Some of you are law students like me, killing time until you graduate. Some of you are just getting ready for law school, which is cool too. Some of you are probably going to be writing the LSAT in June. So vote and let everyone else know what the deal is. The results of the last poll were not too surprising, 35% for corporate commercial, 20% for public interest, 18% for government service, and only 3% each for politics and teaching. The only really surprising thing was that 8% of you want to go into law school for something outside the law(medical research?) and another 15% for something that wasn't even on that list? If you have some totally unique and inspiring reason for going into law school, please let me know, so I can let the world know because lord know's we are all in need of a little inspiration from time to time.

With that, I'll try and update on how exam's go and maybe before then if there are any interesting developments, have fun all you BSDers at the U of C, drink a pint for me and good luck on exams for all those writing them.

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