Saturday, December 14, 2002  
Done Exams and an Answer to a question
So my exams are done, just working on a paper. I promise a full post mortem before I leave for Xmas. In the meantime, I had a question from somebody on transferring and on Vancouver in general, I just thought I'd share the response with everyone.

As for your question about how I like UBC, I think it is pretty good. There are some downsides (like an aging infrastructure and faculty) but the course variety is really good and the people here are a lot of fun. Vancouver I am fairly indifferent to. Since moving downtown it has been a lot more fun. In general though, the city just brings me down with all the economic troubles and social disparity. The gap between the rich and poor is very pronounced here, especially when compared to Calgary where I grew up.

As for whether transferring is worth it, I would approach from where you want to work when you are done. If you want to stay in Toronto, coming to UBC might make that a bit more difficult. Proximity and school resources will help you get a job in Toronto much easier. Our career office does an ok job of helping people get jobs out east, but they are mostly focussed on the Vancouver market. If you wanted to find a job outside of Toronto, but in Ontario, I would definitely stay where you are as we have virtually no resources to help you in that area. If you are thinking of moving to Vancouver on a more permanent basis then I would definitely recommend the move. Your chances of getting a job here are much enhanced if you go to school at UBC. Other considerations include things like doing moots or exchanges. It will be tough to get on a moot here as a transfer if that is anything you are interested in. We have a good exchange program as well, but you will have to make sure you can get your requireds in before you go. Also check out the transferability of your classes to UBC's requireds. I know that we have Charter and Federalism Con Law classes as upper year requireds, but most other schools have them as a single Con Law class that is a first year class.

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Wednesday, December 04, 2002  
Yeah, It's Exams. Could you Guess?
What can I say, we are in full scale exam mode. I promise I will post a full scale exams and papers and what not post-mortem. In the meantime, expect updates to be few and far between. A couple of notes though:

The Law Eagles won the intramural ice hocey league Tier I championship. Go us!

My natural resources take home exam requires research? No just readings from the class book or whatever, but actual library research. And a bibliography. That class gets crazier every week, I better get a good grade.

Good Luck to everyone else writing finals and I'll see you on the other side.

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Posted by Setu @ 1:31 a.m.