Wednesday, November 20, 2002  
Projects, Papers, Exams Oh My!

Sorry for taking so long to update. I had a project due on Monday that was occupying an obscene amount of my time. Anyone got any questions on the Three Gorges Dam in China, here's your man. In any case, things are getting a little wacky around here as people get a bit stressed out with school and all.

There is one thing that may make the next few months interesting. The new dean selection process is well underway. Last week they held a forum with students to provide information on the process and get feedback. The process is very open where they are taking all kinds of input from students and other stakeholers. There will also be a short-short list with three or four individuals and each will be asked to do a presentation at the law school. Feedback from the presentations can then be presented to the selection committee to help them make the final selection. This is much different from Dean searches that I witnessed at U of C anyways and certainly different from my impression of how the process usually works.

What will make this selection particularly interesting is the kind of options for the future direction of the law school that are open. The Dean will play a large role in determining if UBC goes the U of T path or some other direction. They will also play a huge role in terms of the kind of faculty that are hired and programs are created. I'll let you know how it works out.

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Saturday, November 09, 2002  
A New Site
I have added a link on my site to Canadian Law News. It is not specifically related to students but I figure if you are going into law school you have to be at least a little interested in this stuff. In other news, I imagine there are a lot of happy and probably just as many not so happy law students in Toronto this weekend. Toronto firms did their second year summer hires today and that is a pretty big market. I hope you all go what you wanted even though some of you didn't.

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Monday, November 04, 2002  
Toronto Interview Week
Good luck out there to any students doing interviews in Toronto this week. For those of you who are not in law school or are not in the big law loop this week is interviews for anyone seeking a summer job in Toronto. I must say I can't decide which is better, the long Calgary wait or having to fly out to Toronto for one or two interviews, on your own dime. In any case, I hope people aren't stressing out too much. I am mostly just glad it isn't me.

In the meantime, the Rugby team lost to the Police last night. We played well, I almost got a try. We are now sore and bruised with no victory to salve our wounds.

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