Sunday, June 30, 2002  
Chancellor Slams U of T Tuition Plan

Seems not all is happy in the land of the $25,000 tuition. U of T's Chancellor has spoken out about the plan, read the National Post story here. My favorite comment, "I think the law school should be a little less disingenuous. I think they should be honest and upfront about what they're trying to do and be. They want to train their students to go to the big law firms". Well, duh.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002  
Sleepy Football Fan

Well, after a couple of nights getting little sleep (I hope game scheduling in Germany is more convenient than Japan) Germany and Brazil will meet in the World Cup final. I must say that the Brazil-Turkey match was one of the best I have seen in the World Cup. I hope the final will be good enough to salve my wounded hopes for English glory.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002  
The Match Program

I don't know how much some of you out there know about the process of getting articles, but if you are interested in it and are going to Alberta or Ontario here is an interesting site you may want to check out. National Matching Services runs the matching programs in Alberta and Ontario. What the hell is the matching program? When you go out to get an articling position (also known as pre-lawyer indentured servitude) you enter a matching program. In this program you interview with firms you may want to work for. Then you rank which ones you want to work for the most. The firms also rank the students they want to hire the most. Then the matching service goes through and sticks you with a partner based on the rankings. It seems complicated and it kind of is. Anyways, for anyone who intends on working in Ontario or Alberta (which is probably 70% of law students in Canada) you may want to check out this site and learn a little more about it.

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Saturday, June 22, 2002  
Hey, Make up your Mind!

This post is for Schlep who vented some frustrations on the comments site. If you are holding onto offers from more than one school pick one already! The fact is, law schools will not get back to people who are right on the bubble for getting in until they have filled up all of their spots for the year for sure. When you are sitting on offers from more than one school, that means you are holding up that decision that will decide for other people whether they get in or not. So either way do your business or get off the pot, for the sake of other law students to be. Hoping you get some good news soon Schlep and everybody else who is hanging out waiting for word on their future.

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Tooting your own horn works

I guess I should have done this sooner, but better late than never. It appears that one tiny promotional post on the Princeton Review board has led to doubling my hits in a couple of days. Thanks guys. I have also added a new poll to the website thanks to a web services company called Sparklit. Please vote when you visit it will only take a second.

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Friday, June 21, 2002  
England Out!

I can only blame my total lack of karma passing out before the game. They really needed it against the Brazilians. I also blame David Seamans, but not too much. You need to score more than once to beat Brazil. Ah, well. Go Spain. Here's to a Senegal v. Spain final.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002  
Additions to my Site

I have added a comment segment to my site now. I hope that this will encourage one or more of the 42 people who have visited my website to send in comments or questions on what they see here. I would like for this site to become interactive, me interacting with other law students and potential law students to try and find and provide information about just what it is like to go to a Canadian Law School. So please post a comment or a question or whatever and I will do my best to respond.

On another note, I must say I am very impressed with the various free tools that are available for web design these days. I guess at this point I should send a promotional message out to Blogspot who hosts this site, Blogger, the tool I used to create this site, The who made my web counter and now to enetation who have provided the code for the comments section. This tools were all provided free and were very easy to use. Maybe Andy Warhol was almost right and the other guy (I don't remember who it was) was all the way right, in the future everyone will be famous, but for 15 MB not 15 minutes.

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Sunday, June 16, 2002  
England into the Quarter Finals

The English machine keeps on rolling as they head through to the Quarter Finals. I think that I will have to keep posting after every win, or I may jinx them. Sorry I don't have more info, on law school stuff but we are nearing the heart of the summer doldrums. If you do want some info that may be interesting check out the Greedy Canada board where they chat about how much money young lawyers make. It seems the double cohort has caused a good deal of blood letting in TO but Calgary remains strong. Vancouver is, as par usual, not very well off.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002  
England are Through!

Looks like the good blogging vibes are getting through to the English. They have made it through to the second round (although they were supposed to beat Nigeria). Bring on Denmark.

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Ca plus ca change, ca plus ca meme chose or so the saying goes. Today on the Princeton Review discussion site posted the good ole Telescore is up hoax post within and hour of the LSAT being finished. I have seen this prank posted on this discussion site after every LSAT. After I wrote my LSAT it even made my heart race for a good 30 seconds or so. In my experience, telescore goes up precisely 10 minutes after they LSAC says it will. Hope everyone did well.

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Monday, June 10, 2002  
LSAT Cheer

Good Luck to everyone writing the summer LSAT tomorrow. Wishing you all the best. My one big piece of advice, don't talk to anyone during the break, it'll only throw you off your game. Cheers.

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Thursday, June 06, 2002  
Hello Football Fans

Time to start sending out the good vibes for England-Argentina on June 7. And here is a shout out to Calgary's Owen Hargreaves who is starting in the midfield for the English. Go Owen, Go England, stick it it the Argentines and knock on wood for the health of Beck's feet.

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Monday, June 03, 2002  
Some quick info on Law Schools

So I guess I have started to strike the first blow against the totally hard to find info on schools on the web. The Princeton Review site actually lists some info for select schools on it. For those interested here are the lists of schools and the highlights. I will warn you though, it seems a bit out of date.

Dalhousie: Avg Entering GPA: 3.7
Avg LSAT: 162
# of students: 161

Osgoode: Avg Entering GPA: 3.7
Avg LSAT: 75th percentile
Avg graduating salary: $45, 000
# of students: 287

Queens: Avg LSAT: 159
# of students: 163

U of T: Avg entering GPA: 3.6
Avg LSAT: 166
# of students: 173
Avg salary on graduation: $50,000

UBC: Avg entering GPA: 3.6
Avg LSAT: 163
# of students: 207
Avg salary on graduation: $49,000

U of C: Avg entering GPA: 3.4
Avg LSAT: 66th percentile

UVic: Avg entering GPA: 3.8
Avg LSAT: 162
# of students: 107

Windsor: # of students: 155

It isn't that great, and I happen to know the UBC stuff is out of date, but I hope to be getting some better stuff soon.

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